16Mo3 Steel Plates and Pipes for Power Plant Piping

In 25th September 2015, Hebei Metals Industrial Limited received a large order from BULMFELD, who is a German contracting company dedicating to power-station solution in Europe. The order is for a power plant project in Czech Republic. Considering the high temperature conditions, 16Mo3 / 1.5415 as well as its ASTM equivalent(ASTM A335 Gr.P1 / ASTM A204 Gr.A and Gr.B) are specifed to meet the European design code. The 16Mo3 steel plate manufactured to EN 10028-2 is required for prefabrication of the pressure vessel while 16Mo3 steel pipes(seamless) made to EN 10216-2 are required for the heat-exchanger piping.

EN 10028-2 Grade 16Mo3 Steel Plate

heavy thick en 10028-2 16Mo3 steel plates
Pressure vessel steel plates, EN 10028-2 grade 16Mo3.
en 10028-2 16Mo3 steel plates packaged
EN 10028-2 16Mo3 steel plates, readily packaged for shipment.

EN 10216-2 16Mo3 Seamless Steel Pipes DN 80 & DN 100

88.9x6.3mm EN 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipe
O.D 88.9 x 6.3mm EN 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipe
219.1x10mm en10216-2 grade 16mo3 seamless pipe
O.D 219.1x10mm EN10216-2 16mo3 / 1.5415 seamless pipe

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