EN 10216-2 16Mo3 Seamless Steel Pipe

As a chromium-molybdenum(Cr-Mo) alloy steel, the EN 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipe is mainly utilized at elevated temperatures in oil refinery piping, steam pipeline, and power plant projects, etc. The steel number of grade 16Mo3 is 1.5415 which is an European designation. The relative ASTM equivalent is ASTM A335 Grade P1(also known as ASME SA335 Grade P1). The A335 P1 pipe is also used in high-temperature services which contains a bit higher molybdenum by mass.

boiler plant heat exchanger made of en 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipes
Heat exchanger made of EN 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipes for a boiler plant in Lithuania.
EN 10216-2 16Mo3 seamless pipe dn350x60mm
Heavy wall seamless pipes, EN 10216-2 16Mo3 DN 350(O.D 355.6) x 60 mm, for a German client.

1. EN 10216-2 16Mo3 chemical composition

ElementContent by Mass, %
Carbon (C)0.12~0.20
Silicon (Si)≤0.35
Manganese (Mn)0.40~0.90
Phosphorus (P)≤0.025
Sulfur (S)≤0.020
Chromium (Cr)≤0.30
Molybdenum (Mo)0.25~0.35
Nickel (Ni)≤0.30
Aluminium (Al)≤0.040
Copper (Cu)≤0.30

2. Mechanical properties of EN 10216-2 16Mo3(1.5415) seamless pipes

Yield Strength & Tensile Strength

Yield Strength for Wall Thickness T,
Min. MPa
Tensile Strength
T ≤ 1616 < T ≤ 4040 < T ≤ 60-
T refers to wall thickness of the pipe. All values are minimum unless otherwise specified.

Elongation and Impact Properties

Elongation A min. %Absorbed Energy KV Min. %
ltl at 20°Ct at 20°C
“l” refers to longitudinal while “t” refers to transverse of the pipe. All values are the minimum. Impact test(charpty test) shall be conducted at room temperature.

Temperature - Proof Strength Ratings

Minimum Proof Strength Rp0.2 at different temperatures, MPa
100 °C150 °C200 °C250 °C300 °C350 °C400 °C450 °C500 °C

3. Heat treatment conditions

The 16Mo3 / 1.5415 alloy steel pipe shall be normalized at a temperature between 890 °C and 950 °C and then be cooled in ambient temperature.